Animal health begins with plant health

Responsible, sustainably profitable, and ecosystem-friendly farming is the future for this sector. To do this, multi-disciplined animal and plant nutrition scientists need to work together and share their expertise, as animal health depends on plant health.

We innovate and create our technological ingredients and additives; both are the fruit of this transversal expertise and analysis of different challenges encountered in agricultural production. Thanks to this multi-disciplined know-how, we can connect these three domains:

  • Treatment of farm manure in order to transform it into a product that is useful for the soil and plants. Use of joint products and manure as a technique to prevent plant disease.
  • Sustainable and qualitative production of healthy plants in mass which guarantee efficiency as well as self-sufficiency in terms of feed for farms, and animal health and well-being.
  • Limiting input for a better efficiency of the whole cycle, and recycling joint products; the basis of a circular economy on a farm or of a region.