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Animal Health

Healthy, higher yielding and less polluting animals

Stress, inflammation (due to bacteria, a virus...) can represent up to 30% of an animal's energy and protein requirements. Yet good management of the bacterial environment combined with optimal research about animal well-being, are efficient ways of obtaining effective zootechnical and economical results.

Animal Nutrition

Healthy, higher yielding and less polluting animals

We work side by side with you and propose solutions to:

  • Provide animals (pigs, ruminants, poultry) with healthy feed
  • Create positive bacterial biofilms to reduce bacterial attacks and inflammations
  • Manage litter in order to improve animal well-being and limit their stress
  • Complement feed materials - sources of anti-oxidants which protect major organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, bones...) and reduce the harmful effects of inflammation

If you also believe that food, health and animal well-being are factors of eco-performance, we were made to work together!

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