Vegetal Areas

Healthy plants, healthy animals!

As reduced food costs goes hand in hand with reduced production costs, we work on the basis of product volume/Ha and phytosanitary quality of feed and seeds. Increase in yield is the result of the right stimulation of soil life, root activity and of efficiently organising root exudate recycling.

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From the moment we prepare the soil, how can we limit factors that degrade the quality of plants and thus that of the animal's health?

By correctly managing the sources of organic matter, generated by livestock rearing activities (manure) or agronomic activities (straw,..). Our solutions transform this material into efficient agronomical tools and tools which can prevent diseases in plants. The same model is also applied to specialised agricultural sectors like horticulture, wine and fruit production.


Dietaxion is a pioneer in the field of soil microbiological balance using organic matter, and would like this approach to be a real agronomical and agro-ecological science.

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