COBIOTEX Animal Biosecurity

Manage the bacterial balance of animal's environment to maximize technical and economic performances.


Advantages broilers

In poultry for meat

  • -18% of mortality
  • -7% Feed Conversion Rate
  • -20% of litter inputs
  • -20% of ammonia, improving the fertilizer value of manure

In laying hens, absence on detection of salmonella, decreased of colibacillar pressure and mortality.


In swine maternity:

  • -50% of diarrheas,
  • -16% arthritis and decreased of mortality,
  • optimization of feed intake and improvement of average daily gain

In dairy cows:

  • -50% of mammites, 90% of healing of pododermatites,
  • -70% omphalites on calves,
  • -30% of straw used for resting areas, 1 less cleaning during the


Restore a bacterial balance to secures at the same level of immunity, the zootechnical performances of the animals are improved.



In poultry:

  • Prevention of salmonella, coliform
  • Reduction of mortality
  • Ammonia capture
  • Management of digital dermatitis
  • Performance gains (FCR, less mortality)


In ruminants:

  • Decreased frequency of mastitis
  • Immunity of young animals (less colibacillary diarrheas, umbilical affections, ammonia capture)
  • Reduction of lameless
  • Decrease frequency of sanitary problems linked to litter's or bedding areas quality.

In pigs:

  • Prevention of colibacillary diarrhea, umbilical affections, arthritis, panaritium
  • Mortality reduction
  • Improvement of the livestock's performances
  • poule
  • poulet
  • canard
  • dinde
  • vache
  • porc


In addition to chemical disinfection, throughout the rearing period, and in more localized applications around periods at risk (calving, food transitions, etc.)

Diary Cows Mastitis