Valorisation of organic matter

To transform the manure and slurry in copproducts to restitute agronomic value and to stimulate environnemental benefits.



Agronomic valorization for crops or profitable benefits for exported a,d commercialized effluents.


Enrichement of effluents with fertilizer elements from +15% of nitrogen


Animal welfare: better ambiance in farm buildings, 15% less of ammonia gas released in the atmosphere of poultry buildings.

Diminution of ammonia releases during storage. -92% of HN3 in compost platform.


After compost process +20% of nitrogen, +30% of sulfur


Decrease of harmful and greenhouse-effct gases from farms (-18% of NH3, - 16% of N2O, and -9% of CO2)

To reorient the bacterial balance of effluents to avoid component losses in buildings, such us nitrogen, carbon and sufure, and to value them on crops.



To biovalorize the biomass of ecosystems by stimulating the microbial flora present in soil to optimize its physical properties (structure, porosity, water retention capacity, etc.) and its agronomic value.


  • Enrichment of the matter with fertilizer elements.
  • Valorization of livestock co-products.
  • Improvement of air quality in buildings and at storage.
  • Optimization of nitrogen fertilization.
  • Improvement of the nitrogen and carbon balance of the farms.
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  • grandes-cultures


  • Straw litters.
  • Slurry in buildings and storage area