Economicals Issues

Three tools to boost your economic efficiency: Nutrition for health, self-sufficiency, and circular economy

In animal production, feed represents 70% of production costs. Today the challenge consists in reducing this cost while maximizing the economic efficiency.

Dietaxion accompanies you in a cross-departmental way of working, associating nutrition for health, self-sufficiency and manure valorisation.


Reducing the cost of feed with nutrition for health

Reducing inflammation and the impact of metabolic diseases means saving energy and nutritional protein.


Self-sufficiency, savings in a closed circuit

You can count on the production of your own resources (quality feed and seeds) by good management of your ecosystem while encouraging the bio-stimulation of your soil. You can save money on the plants as well as on the animals.


Circular economy

Bioremediation increases the agronomic value of the livestock manure while improving plant production. It represents another way of reducing costs of chemical inputs and decreasing the feed load in animal production.