Sanitary Issues

La stimulation de l'immunité et la gestion des Biofilms positifs : la preuve par deux pour réduire des coûts vétérinaires et phyto pharmaceutiques.

Eco-performance is also achievable in the application of a bacterial ecosystem, encouraging health and health security of animals and plants, or in the application of positive Biofilm.


How can we reduce veterinary costs in animal production?

An animal's ability to naturally fight major pathogens (salmonella, campylobacter, colon bacillus, staphylococcus, streptococcus...) depends on the balance between its immunity and the microbial pressure, which is viral in their environment.

Stimulating the immune system while reducing the bacterial pressure, are two fundamental acts to be carried out in order to reinforce the animal's ability to defend itself.
The decrease in vet bills is related to the animal's well-being, the immunity and the management of biofilms in the farm.

DIETAXION, expert in positive biofilms and immunity stimulating plant extracts, accompanies you towards prevention and the elimination of medication.


How can phyto-pharmaceutical costs be reduced?

Fungal or bacterial plant diseases penalise the yield of crops but also are the reason for animal food poisoning (Mycotoxins).

DIETAXION, specialist in biotechnology and in microbial populations, is by your side to find preventative solutions for soil and plants.


Keep your clients safe and loyal by protecting your productions

Protecting the flora means also protecting man and animal. By adopting preventative solutions, you are keeping your 'agricultural products' safe by marketing products that are healthy and free of residue.