Sustainable agro-ecosystem Issues

Be proud to contribute to responsible farming

How can you produce while respecting the environment and well-being of the animals?
How can you maximise your profitability while keeping your activity safe in the long term?
These questions, among others, are answered thanks to the approach developed by Dietaxion: make a living while being proud of how you're doing it, of your know-how, of your differences and of the quality of your agricultural products.

Dietaxion's approach in four points :


Reduce the environmental impact

Because complying with ECO ANTIBIO and ECO PHYTO plans is a worthwhile economic act as well as a civic one.


Improve animal well-being

Because a healthy, happy animal is an animal that performs well.

The approaches Nutrition for Health and Positive Biofilm by Dietaxion are responses to these challenges.


Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases (CH4, CO2, NO2), produced by agricultural activities, are not only dangerous for the environment but represent economic loss of nitrogen and carbon for farms.


Reduce ammonia

Ammonia leaks, linked to agricultural activities, represent an economic loss, environmental pollution and are also a factor for worsening animal disease.
Dietaxion's expertise in Bioremediation offers solutions to reduce this gas emission.