A company/a history:

an affair built on beliefs

Dietaxion was founded in 2005 by men and women sharing the same belief: nutrition for health as a way to anticipate and optimize the economic performance of productive livestock. With this in mind, Dietaxion has created nutritional ingredients for health which are at the root for saving money and efficiency (decrease of feed conversion ratio)

Combining audacity, adaptability and innovation, Dietaxion associates major multi-disciplined know-how with nutrition for health, like Terafeed and its expertise on calcic nutrition, Natinov and its plant extracts... What are we aiming to do? Stimulate and protect animals and plants while conserving the quality of the environment, and making the activity's joint products valuable (manure, waste etc....)

Thanks to its cross-cutting vision connecting nutrition, animals and the environment, Dietaxion is able to break new ground in hygiene with the management of positive bacterial biofilms, a technique developed by COBIOTEX laboratory. These biotechnological applications provide health security (bio protection), transform manure into a valuable product (bio remedy) and stimulate ecosystems (bio stimulation).

Batiment Dietaxion

Today this transversal knowledge allows the company's areas of action to expand: currently it is exploring plant health. Indeed, healthy plants are a powerful tool to improve animal and human health.

Yesterday, like today and tomorrow, Dietaxion still provides the agricultural sector with eco-performance enhancing ingredients. An eco-performance aimed at livestock breeders/farmers, manufacturers, distributors of agricultural supplies, farm operators and also animals, plants and of course the final consumer.

  • An eco-performance for livestock breeders/ famers thanks to the management of farm costs, with ecology as the performance lever and environmentally friendly tool (for soil, plants and animals).
  • An eco-performance for manufacturers producing ingredients that are specially adapted for sanitary and diet formulation restrictions.
  • An eco-performance for animals and plants by optimizing resources, sanitary conditions and the productivity of a balanced ecosystem.
  • Furthermore, an eco-performance for the final consumer thanks to a caring agricultural model which links health security, animal well-being and the protection of the environment together.

But above all, Dietaxion stands out because of its approach, combining originality, adaptability and audacity, based on its collaborative and participative way of working. It associates partners, distributors, suppliers and clients with the creation of products in the aim to create an eco-efficient agro-ecology leading to a collectively beneficial process of group exchanges.

Together, let's co-design eco-performance.